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Cable AssembliesFeatured Architectural

DIY Cable Railing Kits

Maximize Your View Traditional wood picket railing blocks your view, reduces air flow and require regular maintenance. Cable railing improves your view, increases air flow and requires much less maintenance....
Cable Railing KitsFeatured Architectural

ModRail - Complete DIY Systems

About The ModRail System: Seco South’s cable railing kits are designed for the Do-it-yourself individual. Our ModRail systems are designed using the same quality materials as commercial cable railing systems...
DIY Cable Trellis KitsFeatured Architectural

Green Wall Hub - Stainless Steel Cable Trellis Kit

General Questions? Need custom sizing? Call 1.888.535.7326 or contact us Product Specs: The Green Wall stainless steel wire trellis system is made up of a stainless steel wire 'hub' that...