Maximize Your View Traditional wood picket railing blocks your view, reduces air flow and require regular maintenance. Cable railing improves your view, increases air flow and requires much less maintenance....


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Maximize Your View

wood versus cable railing
Traditional wood picket railing blocks your view, reduces air flow and require regular maintenance.

Cable railing improves your view, increases air flow and requires much less maintenance.

DIY railing terminating fitting for wood

Our new DIY cable railing assemblies are designed for quick and easy self-assembly. These cable railing assemblies are perfect for an attractive and easy to install solution on wood or metal post and they are virtually maintenance free. All material is a marine grade Type 316 stainless steel which provides the highest corrosion resistance.

DIY exploded assembly

DIY terminating fittingEach assembly comes with a factory installed adjustable fitting at one end and the self-applied fitting for the opposite end. These assemblies will work for level railings and stair railings. The unique ball and socket allows up to 40 degrees of articulation in any direction. The self-applied fitting is installed with just a couple of simple open end wrenches in a matter of seconds.

self applied fitting

Slide nose piece on end of cable with threads facing the end of the cable.
Slide the cone on the cable with the slots in the cone pointing away from the end of the cable.
Attach the ball end of the terminating fitting by sliding on the end of the cable and mating with the nose piece.
Using a couple of wrenches, tighten the 2 pcs together as snug as possible.


Available Kits Cable
Cable Dia. Mounting
Hub & Cap
1 1/2"
Wood Screws
Adjustable Tension Fitting
(factory installed)
DIY Terminating
Kit Number Kit Price Shipping
Weight (lbs)
5ft Cable Kit 5 1/8" 2 2 1 1 DIY-FSM-5 $52.00 1.65
10ft Cable Kit 10 1/8" 2 2 1 1 DIY-FSM-10 $53.75 1.8
15ft Cable Kit 15 1/8" 2 2 1 1 DIY-FSM-15 $55.45 1.95
20ft Cable Kit 20 1/8" 2 2 1 1 DIY-FSM-20 $57.15 2.1
25ft Cable Kit 25 1/8" 2 2 1 1 DIY-FSM-25 $58.85 2.25
30ft Cable Kit 30 1/8" 2 2 1 1 DIY-FSM30 $60.55 2.4
35ft Cable Kit 35 1/8" 2 2 1 1 DIY-FSM35 $62.55 2.55

Our DIY cable kits are available in lengths ranging from 5ft -35ft. If you require lengths over 35ft, please call us for assistance: 888.535.7326.

Each kit comes with the following:

    • (1) 1/8" dia. cable to length of your choice with the Adjustable Cable Tensioner pressed on one end

    • (2) Mounting hubs & caps

    • (2) 1 1/2" long wood screws w/ (1) driver bit for use in a drill

    • (1) DIY terminating fitting

DIY cable railing kit parts

All materials are Type 316 stainless steel

What Else Will You Need?

    • Drill motor or screwdriver

    • Tape measure

    • Marker

cable railing flat surface mount

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