The best quality and selection. G4 High Test Chain Size Working Load Limit Wt per 100ft 1/4 2600 lbs 74.89 5/16 3900 lbs 109.8 3/8 5400 lbs 149.5 Suggested Anchor...


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G4 High Test Chain

Size Working Load Limit Wt per 100ft
1/4 2600 lbs 74.89
5/16 3900 lbs 109.8
3/8 5400 lbs 149.5

Suggested Anchor Rode size chart

Boat Length Anchor Rode Size
Up To 35 ft 1/2" rope - 1/4" or 5/16" chain
35 -45 ft 5/8" rope - 5/16" or 3/8" chain

Anchor Rodes Shackle
Anchor Rodes Shackle Diagram

Anchor Shackle Specs

Size Working Load A B C
1/4 500lbs 3/4 1/2 5/16
5/16 750lbs 3/4 1/2 3/8
3/8 1000lbs 1 5/8 7/16

Anchor Rodes Swivel

Anchor Rodes Swivel Diagram

Swivel Specs

Chain Size Working Load A B C D E F G
1/4" - 5/16" 4500 lbs 3 9/16 3/8 13/16 1 1/16 11/16 3/8 5/16
5/16" - 3/8" 7000 lbs 4 11/16 1/2 1 1/16 1 1/2 13/16 7/16 15/32


Diameter Tensile Strength (avg.) Weight/100ft (avg.)
1/2 6400 6.5
5/8 10400 10.5


Diameter Tensile Strength (avg.) Weight/100ft (avg.)
1/2 6400 6.8
5/8 11000 11.1

About our rodes

Seco South is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that has serviced the marine industry nationwide for over 40 years. Anchor rodes are a vital part of boating safety and we take this very seriously by choosing to use premium quality products. Our 8 Plait anchor rodes are manufactured to work with all major windlass brands including LEWMAR & MAXWELL. We always suggest that you refer to you windlass manual to determine the proper size of the rope/chain to use with your windlass. The 8 Plait nylon we use is a premium grade-medium lay windlass grade and is manufactured in the USA. We hand splice & taper the nylon to the chain to insure a smooth transition of the splice around the Windlass Gypsy. The chain we use is a premium quality galvanized G4 High Test and is manufactured to ACCO specifications for windlass use. . We also include a galvanized screw pin shackle for easy attachment to the anchor. Our anchor rodes are used by nearly all of the nations leading boat manufacturers Rope: 150ft of 1/2" dia. 8 Plait Nylon Nylon Chain: 15ft of 1/4" G4 High Test Chain Shackle: 5/16" Galvanized
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