Running Rigging

If you are looking to replace old worn out halyards, sheets or other running rigging for your sailboat, you have come to the right place. Seco South has been the primary supplier of running rigging to all the major sailboat manufacturers for over 40 years. Now through our store,, you can get the same quality running rigging that the OEM’s use for much less than retail suppliers. We manufacture all of running rigging using either New England Rope or Buccaneer Rope Company brand cordage. We offer a full complement of snap shackles, headboard shackles and D-shackles. All of our splicing is done by hand in house by splicing experts.

We have specifications on file for most of the sailboat manufacturers so all you need to do is give us a call or email us and tell what year and model you have and we are able to provide you pricing and delivery right away. Our running rigging specifications include the following manufacturers:

  • Hunter
  • Beneteau
  • Island Packet
  • Compac
  • Tartan
  • Irwin
  • Endeavour
  • Watkins
  • Precision
  • Caliber
red, white, and green buccaneer rope running rigging
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red, white, and green buccaneer rope running rigging with swivel snap shackle

If you already know what size line and type shackle you are looking for, you can place an order by online and your order will be shipped within a few days. We also encourage you to send us your old rigging if you prefer to have us examine it for duplication.

Please use the table below as a guide to assist you in determining what line size you need for you application. This table is only intended to be a guide for most sailboats for cruising applications. Please contact our sales department if you have any specific request for high performance lines such as Spectra, Dyneema or Technora.

Line diameter to Boat LOA (feet) - sizing chart for polyester for cruizing

Line Diameter Halyards Main Sheet Genoa & Spin Sheets Topping lift & Boom Vangs
1/4″ 15′ - 20′ 15′ - 20′ 15′ - 20′ 20′ - 30′
5/16″ 20′ - 25′ 20′ - 25′ 20′ - 25′ 30′ - 40′
3/8″ 25′ - 30′ 25′ - 30′ 25′ - 30′ 40′ - 50′
7/16″ 35′ - 40′ 35′ - 40′ 35′ - 40′ 50′ - 60′
1/2″ 40′ - 50′ 40′ - 50′ 40′ - 50′ 60′ - 70′