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Replacing your old worn out or damaged standing rigging is a crucial requirement to insure your safety and the safety of others. For over 40 years we have specialized in manufacturing standing rigging for all of the major sailboat manufacturers nationwide. In fact, we provided nearly all the OEM standing rigging packages to sailboat manufacturers including Hunter, Island Packet, Beneteau, Compac, Tartan, Irwin, Endeavour, Watkins, Precision and Caliber and many others.

We have an extensive library of all the standing rigging specifications for all these sailboat manufactures. Therefore, if you are in need of an entire standing rigging replacement or just need a stay or shroud replaced just give us a call or send us an email and we can provide you with a cost right away.

For the DIY rigger, we offer a full complement of 1×19 cable, swage fittings, swageless fittings and tools that will allow you build you rigging if you have the proper swaging equipment. We also offer open ended standing rigging packages. These packages include entire sets of standing rigging or just the stay or shroud that you need with a factory swage fitting installed for the upper end and a swageless Sta-Lok fitting supplied loose for you to install for the lower end.

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We are able to manufacture most US standing rigging sets.

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The listed prices for standing rigging by model reflect the rigging shown in our diagrams. If your standing rigging does not match our diagram, or has been modified, then the quoted price is not applicable to your boat. Please call us at 1.888.535.7326 if you need a quote for standing rigging not listed on our site.
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