DIY Cable Trellis Kits

Cable trellis systems are intended to provide an aesthetically pleasing feature to exterior walls as well as provide insulation and protection. These systems are sometimes referred to as Green Walls. Green Walls are used in many commercial applications to reduce the ambient temperature on a building by creating an insulating barrier between the foliage and the wall. As a result, heating and cooling systems do not have to work so hard which helps to reduce the utility costs.

HUB system. This system is a much less expensive Green Wall system because the cable is only tensioned by hand tight instead of using tensioning devices on the ends of the cable. The HUB is also CNC machined but is smaller and only keeps the foliage off the wall approx. 1 1/8". This system is ideal for light weight foliage. The grid spacing is 12 inches and 18 inches. Please refer to drawings for details.

WALL GARDEN system . This is our latest addition to our Green Wall systems. The system is designed for commercial or residential applications. It is manufactured from marine grade aluminum and stainless steel and it is available in 4FT, 5FT, and 6FT kits.

STANDOFF system. This Green Wall system is a smaller version of ones that are used for commercial applications. It uses a stainless steel CNC machined standoff that keeps the cable off the wall approx. 2". The standoffs provide a rigid connection so that the cables can be tensioned to support heavier foliage. The grid spacing is 12 inches. Please refer to drawings for details.