ModRail Complete DIY Cable Railing System

ModRail Complete DIY Cable Railing System

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    About The ModRail System:

    Seco South’s cable railing kits are designed for the Do-it-yourself individual. Our ModRail systems are designed using the same quality materials as commercial cable railing systems but they can be installed without any special tools or labor. The kits are designed to pass current residential building codes where 36” high railings are acceptable in up to 20 ft runs with up to 6 posts. It is recommended that you do not space your posts longer than about 4 ft. apart

    Unlike other cable railing systems that use a thin walled post, our system uses a heavy 11gauge wall thickness for the top cap and vertical post to insure the cables stay tensioned over time. The cable infill system is manufactured using (11) horizontal layers of 1/8” diameter 1x19 construction cable. The cable assemblies come from the factory with a tensioner fitting installed on one end and the other fitting is sent loose to allow you to cut the cable to length and install the fitting.

    The vertical post come with a baseplate welded to the bottom of the post. Just decide what type of material you are mounting to and we will provide the correct fastener for you. An optional cover plate is also available to conceal the fasteners if desired.

    The top cap simply slides onto our CNC machined unions at the top of each post and held securely with a set screw until the cable are installed and final tension is applied.

    All material is manufactured from Type 316L stainless steel to provide the highest corrosion resistance possible. The finish on the post and top cap is a #4brushed satin and the finish on the cable and fittings is a polished finish.

    Ready to Build Your Cable Railing System?

    We will follow up with you for an exact measurement on your area.

    Simple Assembly: