Hutchins - Compaq 35 - Standing Rigging

Hutchins - Compaq 35 - Standing Rigging

We have the specs for Compaq 35 standing rigging and have made many sets of rigging for this particular boat threw out the years.
We are able to produce a large quantities or just a single stay or shroud using manufacturers specs and are also happy to build any custom jobs using high quality wire rope, swage and mechanical fittings.
Please call or contact us today to speak with a qualified expert about getting the quality standing rigging you need for your boat today.
Typical Parts:
Headstay 1
Backstay 1
Uppers 2
Fwd. Lowers 2
Aft. Lowers 2
Bobstay 1
This is just a representation of a common configuration for this boat. We have multiple specs available for most boat models.




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Buy your standing rigging from one of the most highly qualified manufacturers in the industry.
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