Glass Railings

Railings are a necessary part of a building. Indoor or outdoor railings are needed for the safety of pedestrians. However, railings do not need to take away from the beauty of the architecture of the building. There are many glass railing packages from which to choose that will be functional as well as eye-catching.

Seco South has a wide variety of railing packages that will enhance your residence or business while providing the safety of professionally installed handrails. Their handrails add a modernistic style to the outlay of the building as well, so they do not detract from the style of the building.

Here are two particular stylish handrail systems are offered through Seco South:

Stainless Steel Cable and Glass Railing System SPG1-2000

This system consists of a modern-looking glass handrail system of stainless steel cable and glass. Composed of 1/2 inch diameter steel tubes used as supports for the 3/16 inch 1 by 19 cable that can be adjusted on the ends to tighten or loosen the cables, depending on the amount of support needed, this particular system comes with a ten inch high glass panel positioned at the bottom of the rail. This system allows circulation and full view so it does not obstruct the line of vision from pedestrians. The glass panels come in smoked, frosted, etched or clear styles. Seco South also offers safety film and film with graphic images to overlay the glass panels. Other options include a 4" by 4" surface mounted base plate for attachment of rail system or a core drill/fascia mounting for attachment of railing system. This system is available in a few different types of stainless steel with a standard brushed finish.

Stainless Steel Cable and Glass Railing System SPG2-2000

This glass handrail system consists of glass panels that are 3/8" thick. The glass panels can be purchased in frosted, smoked, clear or etched safety glass. The support frame consists of 1 1/2" square tube vertical posts made of steel with clips to secure the glass panels. The top cap is a 1 1/2" diameter tube made of steel. These railings come in 36"or 42" heights. They can be attached by a 4" by 4" surface mounted base plate, fascia mounted, or core drilled to secure safely. The steel, available in two different types, is a brushed finish.

When the need arises, take a clean, modern approach to handrails. Look to Seco South to install glass handrails to give the best, professional look to your building while providing protection for pedestrians. Servicing residential or commercial facilities, glass handrails from Seco South will add that safety without marring the visual effect of the style of the building. With these glass handrail systems, style and safety will go hand in hand.

Glass railing and stainless steel handrail Glass railing and stainless steel handrail
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