DIY Sailboat Lifeline Kit Turnbuckle To Toggle Jaw (1/8" PVC Cable)

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DIY Sailboat Lifeline Kit Turnbuckle To Toggle Jaw (1/8" PVC Cable)

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DIY Sailboat Lifeline Kits

Cable Loft, a Seco South store, is proud to introduce our new do-it-yourself Lifeline Kits. Now you can order the same lifelines that come from the OEM rigging supplier for sailboat manufacturers like Traditional Watercraft, Beneteau, Hunter, Irwin, Endeavour, Compac and many others. Our newly designed and tested swageless (self-applied) fitting allows you to install in a matter of seconds with nothing more than (2) adjustable wrenches.

Lifeline Kit-1 (LLK-1) is a perfect DIY solution for all sailboats that require upper and lower lifelines. This kit includes a factory swaged toggle jaw at one end attached to a length of cable that is available in 5ft increments. The cable is a 1/8" 7×7 construction and it is coated with a white PVC cover which makes the overall outside diameter 7/32". The kit also includes a toggle jaw turnbuckle with our new DIY swageless stud. Simply attach the toggle jaw to the eye on your stanchion, run the cable through the intermediate stanchions and install the DIY toggle jaw turnbuckle.

The swageless (self-applied) fitting is manufactured by Seco South which has been a leader in sailboat rigging for over 40 years. The turnbuckles, toggle jaws, gate eyes and pelican hooks are manufactured by industry leaders such as HAYN, C. Sherman Johnson & Alexander Roberts. The PVC cable is the highest quality that is available on the market.

Ordering your lifelines are now a simple (2) step process.

Step 1: Choose the type of assembly you need LLK-1, LLK-2 or LLK-3

Step 2: Choose the length you need

All material is a marine grade type 316 stainless steel and the DIY fitting will yield the break strength of the cable.

LLK-1: Toggle Jaw (factory installed) on 1/8" PVC to Turnbuckle (self-applied)

  • Cable Loft Lifelines come in do-it-yourself kits
  • Installs in seconds
  • New design and tested swageless fittings

Self-applied Fitting Instructions

Step 1:  Attach the factory installed fitting to your stanchion and run the cable through the intermediate stanchions.

Step 2:  Assemble the self applied fitting in a fully open position to allow maximum adjustment

Step 3:  Attach the self applied fitting to the stanchion and mark the cable to the proper length and cut.

Step 4:  Strip back 1 1/8" of the vinyl and install the self applied fitting using a couple of adjustable or open end wrenches

Step 5:  Attach fitting to the stanchion and adjust tension.