Stainless Boat Mate (Rod Holder Accessory)

Stainless Boat Mate (Rod Holder Accessory)

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Stainless Steel Boat Mate

The Boat Mate is a rod holder accessory mount with the most versatile way to maximize your rod holder. With the quick pin design, it is a breeze switching accessories and storing the system.

Nothing is worse than black scuffs all over gel coat from a power cord and hoses being dragged over the rail. Use the fairlead to stop this from happening. Anything from a 50 amp shore power to an extension cord for a trickle charger, keep it off you gel coat!. This system also includes a hand rail allowing assistance climbing in and out of a boat.

Another great option with this system is the LED solar light. This light is perfect for when it gets dark and a little extra light is needed on deck. Put this accessory in the mount and receive instant light. No more struggling with trying to tape a flashlight to the rail.

Rod and accessories made from high quality electro polished 316 stainless steel with a satin brush finish.

*Measurements shown above are approximate and may vary slightly depending on your boat model.